July 2021

  • Keyword insights directly in your browser

  • Bug fixes and other improvements for the Listing Quality Score

June 2021

  • The listing quality score analyzer is here! See Listing quality score for any product on Amazon. With this powerful tool, you can evaluate any listing on Amazon, and get instant feedback. Checks include the title, keywords, description, and many more attributes. The listing analyzer can also check if your listing is indexed, and color the words in the description accordingly. Even more, our analyzer will evaluate the media quality and the conversation quality of your listing as well!

  • Create MCF Orders in the Chrome Extension Ticker

  • Other improvements and bug fixes

April 2021

Seller.Tools Chrome Extension Ticker: Enable the ticker on any website you wish. Under the extension settings, click on the ticker settings and set the display to specific websites. That way you can define any website, e.g. your ticketing system or email to have access to our ticker.

March 2021

Seller.Tools Chrome Extension Ticker: Manage some of your most important ST account activity without leaving Amazon. Now, you have access to your:

  • Seller.Tools Wallet transactions

  • Real-time sales data through your Selling Partner API

  • Total Amazon Traffic direct from Amazon Brand Analytics Data

  • ST Deny list

all on-page in Amazon.

Improvements to Review Request: General bug fixes and performance improvements to improve the function of Review Request and Review Downloader. Based on feedback, you can now view and track review requests sent to repeat buyers.

January 2021

The Seller.Tools Chrome Extension has a completely updated design and user experience. Additionally, you can now get access to the following inside the extension:

  • daily + monthly keyword search volume

  • total sales

  • Review Request

  • Review Downloader

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