What search volume data?

This data utilizes Brand Analytics as a ‘north star’ to inform various forms of Amazon data to arrive at search volume - this includes important, keyword-driven data like Alexa voice to search (pretty cool, right?). This is in contrast to other search volumes you’ve likely seen that simply include ad impressions (which is why Seller.Tools search volume may be higher).

How do I change my Master Keyword?

In your keywords manager, your master keyword will be noted with a "house" symbol. click on that house and a box will appear and you can change it there. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Why are my keywords not showing up after I add them?

There are a few things that may be going on when this happens.

  1. You may have a filter set at the top that is filtering out specific keywords

  2. You are trying to add keywords that you have marked one of the keywords in the phrase irrelevant when sorting. You can see these keywords by going to the "edit decisions" and then look for it. Then mark it relevant and you should be able to add any phrases with that keyword (or keywords).

  3. You may have previously archived that keyword from your keyword manager, so look into the archived section of your keyword manager for that ASIN.

My keywords seem to be stuck in processing.

This is likely a browser issue as we cannot see this from our end.

Here are the instructions to fix this from your end as it is browser-related.
​You will need to clear your cache for the Seller.Tools site in his browser.

Simply use this link and it will clear it for you.


How does Seller.Tools work with parent/child listings?

Seller.Tools presents listings as Amazon sees them in the parent/child relationship. The ranking shown will be for the highest performing asin in the parent/child variations.

In our listing manager, you can work on each child separately.
​This video may be helpful as well:

How do I delete keywords or reset keywords on a product?

Resetting a product is the fastest way to delete keywords. To do this, simply click on the "wheel" in the settings column of your product manager. You will be given options to reset there. If you'd like to delete just a few, you can use the check box boxes to the left of the keywords, and then use the "bulk actions" function and "archive" just those.

What is search frequency rank (brand analytics)?

The search frequency rank is a brand analytics metric. Search frequency rank is Amazon’s attempt to give us an organized list based upon search volume. Instead of giving us the real volume on a keyword, they give it to us in an ordered list: the lower the number, the greater the search volume; the higher the number, the less. This could be understood exactly the same as BSR. BSR being sales and SFR being traffic.

This ASIN is the highest clicked ASIN for that keyword. Click percentages the percentage of the share of clicks for that keyword, and conversion means that of those they have that conversion once clicked.

There are many reasons why the search rank may be different than when you search on your own than the reporting in Seller.Tools. This video takes you through this. Hope this is helpful. Please reach out again if you have any additional questions.

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