The Seller.Tools Keyword Manager allows you to tap into unmatched insights for your most important keywords.

This also where you'll manage and make decisions on your keywords.

Understanding the data

For each of your keywords you'll find unique data.

Hover over each column (ex: Organic Rank) to get additional information.

Search, filters and bulk updates

Use the search and filter options to narrow the results of the keywords you want to view and/or update.

Complete bulk updates and recalculate priority by clicking on the button (3 dots) to the left of the Keyword column.

Adding keywords manually

While you can add keywords from other tools and sources (ex: R2A), you can also manually add keywords by clicking the button.

You'll then add each keyword or phrase, separating by pressing Enter.

Determining and managing priority

Manging the priority of the keywords in your account is a crucial step. It ensures you have the best visibility into the keywords most important to you and organize your Keyword Manager for success.

Use the slider to update the priority for any one keyword, with High Priority being on the far right (or red in color).

You can lower the priority of any one keyword by moving it further down to the left as a Medium, Low or Very Low priority keyword.

You can use the sort and filter options to view keywords the priority you've chosen.

Note: Very Low priority keywords are considered archived or passive.

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