Click below to learn all about Last Launch, and check out our walk-through video for a guided setup!

You'll also find a video on how to set up a Last Launch in the LEARN section of Seller.Tools after clicking Last Launch.

Which marketplaces are supported?

Last Launch is available for US and UK Marketplaces only. US allows for rebate and coupon launches and UK for coupon launches only.

How do I set up a launch?

This is as simple as clicking on "Last Launch" in your Seller.Tools dashboard! If you do not see Last Launch available please make sure you have connected your MWS credential for US or UK.

We include all the resources and information you need to ensure the greatest chance of success for your Last Launch. We strongly recommend following each step closely.

Admittedly, there are launch items that require decisions on your behalf as the business owner. Take the appropriate amount of care and follow through with each step as you launch at your own risk. We do not refund or re-run launches. Please refer to our FAQs or contact our support if we can help you with launch resources and information.

Please note that we can only answer questions about setting up the launch inside your Seller.Tools dashboard and are not able to give business decision advice. We do have a paid optimization and Last Launch coaching sessions available for your convenience as well that can help you make those decisions if needed.

Our team uses a combination of strategies to ensure your launch goes well. This includes leveraging PAT (preferred audience targeting) to ensure your products get in the hands of the highest quality customers. Your products are presented to customers who are approved for membership into our program.

How many rebates should I give for my launch?

Although our Customer Service and App Support generally cannot give business advice, we do know that other sellers generally will find the average daily sales for that keyword for the top competitor using our brand analytics data found in the "search frequency" column of our keyword manager.

If you feel it does make sense to review the Brand Analytics data (and your own sales numbers) and then consistently drip rebates for a keyword over a longer window of time (30 to 90 days using Many Chat flows or consecutive Last Launches accordingly

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