Issue: My gift card was not yet sent to a customer who is in my flow.

1. Check to make sure the order has shipped.

If it has not yet shipped, we can't pull price information or any other customer data to check the Seller.Tools Blacklist. They will not progress in the ManyChat flow until the order has shipped.

No action needs to be taken here; they will move forward in the flow as soon as their order ships. Keep in mind that COVID-19 delays may impact your campaigns here.

2. Did you make any significant modifications to the technical aspects of your flow?

Technical modifications include:

- Editing action steps
- Editing condition steps
- Editing smart delays

Non-technical modifications include:
- Copy edits
- Adding/changing/removing images and gifs
- Editing ManyChat message blocks
- Anything outside of Seller.Tools functionality

If you edited technical pieces of your flow, it's likely this caused the issue. We would recommend re-downloading your ManyChat template to avoid any major user-caused breakages, or triple-checking any modifications to see where the mistake might be.

3. Ensure that you are holding a sufficient balance in your Seller.Tools Wallet and that your Minimum Wallet Balance (in your ManyChat flow) is set to a reasonable amount.

If you're using a template field (as shown below), you can check the value of your Wallet Balance Minimum Amount by navigating to your template settings (Settings > Installed Templates). You can modify the amount there.

4. Finally, ensure you are pulling in price information in the correct custom field for your customer.

First, check the step that gets more specific order information after the order has shipped:

Check to see if your response mapping is set to the right custom fields. We want to pay attention especially to anything related to price or tax information here.

Next, click on your Gift Card creation action step:

Check to make sure the correct custom field is used here. You want to make sure this lines up with the custom field you are mapping to in the Price Information action step, OR if you are creating your own calculation to incorporate tax information, you'll want to choose the resulting custom field.

If anything doesn't match up, the gift card will not be created for a real dollar amount and the request will fail. This specific case will likely be a widespread issue and not isolated to one use.

These are the most common issues that we see when gift cards are not sending properly. Still have a question? After triple-checking your flows feel free to reach our support team for more guidance.

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