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How To Install Templates

Please note that PRO Templates require pages with ManyChat PRO subscription (PRO or FREE icons show the type of the page it can be installed. You can see the icon near the Template name).

Alright, let's start! Make sure you see the same page that is displayed below.

Review the Template contents. All items will be placed in relevant sections (e.g. installed Growth Tools can be found in your Growth Tools Section). Unattached Flows will be placed in the new folder in Flows Section.

Choose the destination page this Template will be installed on. Pro Template can be installed only on a page with Pro subscription (upgrade your page to PRO to be able to install PRO Templates on it). Free Templates can be installed on any Page.

Manage General Elements. If the Template contains Main Menu, Welcome Message or Default Reply, you’ll be able to replace your current ones automatically (your existing Flows will be stored in Flows Section).

Please note that your new Main Menu will replace the old one completely.

Note: Seller.Tools Templates generally will not include these elements.

Congratulations, your Template was successfully installed on your page!

To learn how to create your own Template, check out this article.

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Installing ManyChat Templates from Seller.Tools

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