Access your Seller.Tools API Keys here, under Settings > Set Up API in your Seller.Tools account.

You can now see each API key for all brands/credentials you've synced to your Seller.Tools account.

A few, quick items to note. You'll have both an 'Active' and 'Test' key for each account/credential. As the name implies, 'Active' keys are used when you are live-ready and want to complete all API actions (ex: sending gift card funds). 'Test' keys allow you to test all functions prior to going live which is highly recommended.

When ready, simply copy your API keys for the next steps - including integrating Seller.Tools with ManyChat.

It's simple and easy to get up and running with this integration!

Adding Seller.Tools ManyChat App

Make sure you've installed the Seller.Tools ManyChat app, found here.

You can now add your Seller.Tools API key(s). You can refer to and access the Seller.Tools ManyChat app in your ManyChat account under Settings > Apps.

See the steps below as well as how to add multiple groups - perfect for multiple brands/credentials you may want to integrate into your ManyChat account.

Adding Additional Credentials to ManyChat

Adding a new set of API keys to ManyChat is as easy as adding a new group:

​After you add a group, you'll also need to check each existing action step where you want to use your new key and add it.

Tip: If you don't immediately see this reflected in your action steps after updating the ManyChat app and adding your new keys, just refresh your flow builder — it should show up then.

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