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Basic Requirements:

  1. At least one FB business page

  2. Admin role on Facebook page

  3. From 3 to 5 minutes

How To:

This step is simple but critical to your success!

If you're having trouble connecting an FB page to ManyChat, ask yourself the following questions to start the troubleshooting process:

  1. Am I an Admin on the FB page I'm trying to set up? If not, ask the page owner for Admin status on the FB page you want to connect.

  2. Am I using Internet Explorer to set up ManyChat? If so, try switching to the latest version of Chrome.

  3. Do I have Messenger enabled on my Facebook page?

Connecting a Page

Connecting a Page is the first step to start using ManyChat. After you click on “Get Started Free”,

you will see “Sign In With Facebook” button (clicking on it confirms that you grant necessary permissions to ManyChat, which you can look up at by clicking on “ManyChat” app).

Finally, you will see a list of Facebook pages you can add to the system (your personal Facebook profile needs to be an Admin on the FB business page, and the FB business page itself mustn't contain any restrictions, like age or country. If you restrict your page to certain ages or certain countries, ManyChat will not work properly).

Later, if you want to add more pages, just click on the Page avatar in the top left corner...

...and Connect another page in the same way as the first one.

In case you added some pages by mistake, or just want to pause ManyChat on one page for a while, there is an option to disable it in “Settings” tab (all settings and elements will be saved in ManyChat, you won’t lose any work if you disable your bot. You can always re-activate ManyChat by Connecting the page again).

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