Most of the issues you are experiencing with the Seller.Tools Counter can be solved with a few troubleshooting steps. Before taking a look in your flow, please try out the following:

First, check your Counter Query action step.

First, check to make sure that all fields are filled out and that the action step setup matches the image below:

Next, ensure that your API key is correct by navigating to your ManyChat App Settings (Settings > Apps > Seller.Tools). If there is no value in your API key fields or if there are any spaces before or after your key, none of your action steps will work.

Finally, if you are using a template, check to ensure that your custom bot field "API Counter Name" has an actual value and that that value does not include any spaces or special characters.

If you are not using a template or prefer to set up your counter manually, check to see if you have typed in your counter name to the field shown below. Ensure that value does not include any spaces or special characters.

Note: If you are setting up counters for multiple ASINs, it’s probably going to be easier for you to just set up your counter name and Max Daily Giveaways with plain text (referred to in ManyChat as 'Custom Values') rather than custom template fields.

We include custom fields so you are prompted to add information here when you’re setting up as a template, but if you are customizing further for your other products, you are better off just deleting the custom field and typing in the name of your counter and the exact number you’d like to give away directly.

Edit the Counter Query and type in the number of giveaways you'd like to share each day.

Type in your counter name here for each counter action step.

Be sure to also edit the name for the counter addition step!

If you’re getting too many users into your flow each day and surpassing the number of rebates you want to distribute each day, you may consider moving the position of the counter addition step. Check out this video for more information.

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